Pulisic dreams of Champions League winning

Saturday23 January 2021 | 18:06
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The American player has been a star for Dortmund and Chelsea and many Americans are following in his footsteps.

Christian Pulisic

, the American star of


has spoken about the chance of winning the Champions League with Chelsea and also about his dreams of the next World Cup. He is a leading figure in the United States national team and since his arrival to Europe, there have been a couple of players following his path.

The Chelsea star has told The Men In Blazers Podcast:

“There is no ceiling. The talent is there.

“Everyone is seeing that now. Guys are playing at high levels across Europe.

“We are so excited to get back to this qualifying process and put ourselves in that World Cup [2022] and from there the sky is the limit.”

He added on


and co thriving in Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga:

“There is just this feeling across this team that is like, ‘wow, this team can really accomplish something in the very near future.’

“And it is not just a couple of guys here and there playing in Europe. It is a full team, it is a lot of guys having success over in Europe.

“Those development years between 16-18 are huge and I think you can learn so much and physically you start to get to that final stage and it is a really important time. These guys are very strong, mentally.”



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