Arteta talks about Odegaard’s transfer

Saturday23 January 2021 | 16:40
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Arsenal boss says that they are closer to Odegaard’s deal.

After the


’ draw against Southampton, their boss has talked about their performance and their negotiations over Real Madrid’s young talent

Martin Odegaard


The club needs some creativity in the midfield to create more scoring chances; Odegaard can be the solution in that area with his talent and skills.

“I don't know, obviously we played today and since last night I don't have any news,”


said of talks to bring in the Norwegian.

“I will probably get a few phone calls today and see where we are with every deal.

“I cannot talk about any player that is not with us, have a very clear idea about how we want to develop our players and what they need to do that. All the decisions we make are to reinforce that development and try to give them the best possible chance.”

The Gunners were without their striker Aubameyang and the boss explains the player’s situation as a personal matter.

“He had a personal matter in the last few hours and we had to send him back.”

And about his return he added:

“I don’t know, He needs to address that issue to see how it evolves. We’re here, we will have to support him. He needs to take the time that is needed because that’s a priority at the moment.”

source: SportMob