Pellistri may go to La Liga on loan

Saturday23 January 2021 | 16:11
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Manchester United’s young talent may the club on loan.

Manchester United’s

young talent may go to Spain, according to his representative. The Red Devils hope to see

Facundo Pellistri’s

future at Old Trafford, but they know that he needs regular playing time to improve, and the club can’t give him that, so they are going to think about sending him out on loan.

Edgardo Laslvia says that Pellistri’s destination is probably Spain, and the player will be playing at La Liga on a loan deal.

The youngster has told the Red Devils’ official website:

“It's been amazing to train with guys like [Marcus] Rashford, [Paul] Pogba, [Juan] Mata and Edi [Cavani], who is very close friends with me.

“It's amazing for me because I watched them on TV and now I am practising with them. The intensity, the high quality they have, it's great for me to play with them and I improve a lot.

“All the time I speak with Edi and he is a very nice person. He is always trying to be around me, giving me advice and everything that I need. He is there to help me and that is very important for me. I am very happy with that.

“I know he is one of the best players in the world and one of the all-time best players from Uruguay, but he is also a very nice person.”

source: SportMob