Fernandez on Inter’s interest in Udinese’s Musso and De Paul

Saturday23 January 2021 | 13:41
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According to the ex-academy coach, both players will be great signing for Conte’s squad.


Racing Club

academy manager, Manuel Fernandez, believes that both

Juan Musso


Rodrigo de Paul

, who will be included in


’s line-up against


, could be great additions to Antonio Conte’s squad.

It is reported that Inter hope Musso will take

Samir Handanovic

’s place once he agrees to join the team with De Paul already planning a summer move to Inter.  

“Already from his time in Racing’s academy the whole world knew that Musso would become the starting goalkeeper for the first team,”





“This was known because of how he approached matches every week, his physical size and his personality.”

“He is very strong in his role and it is no coincidence that in Europe they noticed him almost immediately.”

“He would undoubtedly be a good choice to succeed Handanovic.”

“In addition to his technical skills, he also has an extraordinary personality.”

Fernandez talking about De Paul, added:

“I don’t have the slightest doubt about him either, the Nerazzurri should sign him.”

“Rodrigo has always been very talented.”

“He has confidence in his own means and has now implemented his tactical skills.”

“He has earned a call-up to the Argentine national team and is a player who can play for a top club.”

Later talking about

Lautaro Martinez

time in the academy before joining Inter, Fernandez said:

“We worked with him for two full years.”

“There is a close bond between us and the praise he always gives us reflect what kind of person he is.”

“He does not forget where he comes from, nor those who helped him with his development.”

“This is also why he will go further and further.”

“He is someone who goes up levels at impressive speed.”

“He always improves constantly thanks to his competitive spirit, the desire to win and his hunger to get better and better each day.”

“Ever since Lautaro was a child he had a fire burning inside him; that immediately made it clear that he would go far.”

source: SportMob