Winterburn is happy with Ozil’s departure

Friday22 January 2021 | 20:53
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Winterburn says that they have new subjects to talk about now.


former defender,

Nigel Winterburn

says that with the end of


discussions there will be new topics to talk about at Emirates stadium.

Mesut Ozil is close to a move to


and the distractions that his situation at the club was making will end with his departure.

The former full-back told Bookmakers.co.uk:

“That’s the end of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal and now when things go wrong – and things will go wrong again – we won’t be debating whether Ozil should be in the squad, we’ll have much fresher subjects to talk about.

“It’s the right thing. You can’t have someone around a club who’s got huge talent but is just not working for you, you have to get them out and move them on.

“I think he’s got terrific talent, I’ve said that all along. He’s played a key part in some of Arsenal’s success but over the last two or three seasons it’s gone downhill for him.

“It didn’t look like he fitted in to Mikel Arteta’s plans. Whether he didn’t want to do the work that Arteta was demanding from him, I don’t know, but his body language didn’t look quite right.

“If you don’t fit into a system then you’ve got to individually perform to a level where the manager simply can’t drop you and force him to reconfigure the team around you, but unfortunately for Ozil his performances didn’t convince Arteta that that’s what he should do.”

source: SportMob