Keown is satisfied with Arsenal’s new signing

Friday22 January 2021 | 18:49
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Keown thinks that Ryan was a good signing for the Gunners.


former defender

Martin Keown

thinks that

Mat Ryan

is a proper replacement for Emi Martinez, who left the club in the summer of 2020.

Martinez was not satisfied with being the second man after showing his quality and left the club searching for regular playing time.

The 28 years old goalkeeper Mat Ryan has joined the Gunners on a short-term loan agreement. He has been an Arsenal fan when he was a child.

The former Gunners defender has told talkSPORT:

“Runarsson didn’t really capture the eye as expected, in the League Cup there were a few mistakes.

“I was disappointed to see Martinez leave in the first place when you consider he climbed a mountain last year to get in the first team, but I imagine they couldn’t afford to keep two first-string goalkeepers financially, maybe they didn’t see that as the right way forward. He was allowed to leave.

“So this is a good adjustment, Mat Ryan coming in - 59 caps for Australia, he’s their No1 goalkeeper, he’s been out of the team at Brighton. He’s coming with good experience and that’s what Arsenal need in the event that Leno gets injured at any point.”

Ryan can play for the Gunners in their next FA Cup match against Southampton.

source: SportMob