Piazon talks about his situation with Chelsea

Friday22 January 2021 | 18:23
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Chelsea’s former player talks about his problems with the Blues.

Lucas Piazon

says that


approach in their loan transfers is wrong. The 26 years old midfielder spent six years in different teams with loan deals from Chelsea.

Piazon told Oh My Goal on the experiences of a loan army at Chelsea:

“To be honest, we would come back and we would go to pre-season with the new coach and the new players were coming in from the summer and they were always like, ‘if you do well the coach might keep you’.

“But deep down inside we knew that we didn't have a chance because they were paying big money for the players and the club would definitely use them. We knew that we would be there for three, four or five weeks and they would then try to send us out on loan again.

“In the beginning I felt like Chelsea really wanted me and really wanted me to do well and come back.

“But after the third or fourth loan, I knew it was just maybe business. [It was] like 'you go into the world and someone will buy you and you will be happy about it – you're not going to play here anymore’.

“When I went from Holland to Germany, it was a completely different world because the German league is totally different from the Dutch league. The team I was playing for in Holland was totally different from the team I was playing for in Germany.

“The way they wanted to play, what the coach wanted from me in one place and what the coach wanted from me in the other place – it took time to adapt and to adjust to what he wants and what the team wants.

“Maybe if I stayed in Germany I would've done a better job because it was a big change. It's always a big change and it takes time. You have to be patient but when you're on loan there is no patience.

“The pressure on you to perform is huge because you are from Chelsea.”

source: SportMob