Barcelona ask for more time to repay their debts

Friday22 January 2021 | 17:49
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The Catalonians face major financial crisis as the due date to repay their debts approaches.

According to

El Confidencial



, have asked companies like Goldman Sachs, Allianz, Barings, Amundi, and Prudential to delay club’s debts as the Catalonians continue to struggle with their financial crisis.

To avoid bankruptcy, the

La Liga

giants have asked the banks and investment funds for a dispensation and with a negative working capital of €601.8m and €300m worth of debts, delaying their repayments seems to be the only option for them at the current moment.

Based on the club’s financial figures, which have been presented by


, Barca’s €217m debts in June 2019 doubled to become €488m in June 2020.

Though up to €80m were reduced from the player’s wages, there are still financial concerns, which threat the team’s situation, as interim club president,

Carlos Tusquets

, told


that the club have failed to pay players for their pre-agreed January salary.

With the postponement of the club’s presidential elections due to the pandemic, Barca’s problems seem to be far from over.

source: SportMob