Lampard expresses his frustration in front of the reporters

Friday22 January 2021 | 17:34
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The 42-year-old got mad at the way everyone keep criticizing Chelsea's run and thanked the fans for supporting him and his club.



has lost five matches out of the last eight, it seems that

Frank Lampard

is likely to be the next manager sacked.

When being asked on Friday afternoon about the poor run, he said that reports do not reflect on him trying to push up the team. He said:

"I don't listen to it. It's only everywhere if you want to scroll through social media or something, but I don't do that. I'm not stupid, I know the pressures that come with managing a top football club, but I just do my job, it doesn't matter to me."

Lampard took the risk of being the club manager. However, Chelsea's poor run is about to affect his career life in the future.

The 42-year-old expressed his frustration about the news and analysis' on the new transfers and how they are not working out for the club and said:

"What marker are you putting on that? I am not going to sit talking about [them performing by] next season as it would be nonsense. Any manager in the Premier League wouldn't talk about next season because you can only worry about what's in front of you."

Chelsea's coach also told the reporters that he is trying to get the most out of the remaining matches of the season.

Frank Lampard, however, seems to have the support of the board and fans. Lampard's fans have asked the board to support the 42-year-old.

Lampard answered the fans:

"I absolutely appreciate the fans that put together to create the banner. I think everyone who knows me or watched me as a player or manager knows how I feel about this club so I appreciate it very much,"



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