Klopp declares that the matter of transfer is not up to him

Friday22 January 2021 | 16:24
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“I cannot decide if we do something in the transfer market or not, that must be clear,” Jurgen Klopp said.

Jurgen Klopp

said that he is struggling with the matter of transfer this season as


are dealing with financial problems.

Virgil van Dijk


Joseph Gomez

are unable to perform due to knee injuries.

During the last five matches, Liverpool had been unable to win once.

This situation, as everyone believes, calls for an additional figure.

Klipp said that the transfer is not up to his decision:

“I cannot decide if we do something in the transfer market or not, that must be clear."

“Of course somebody else is making the decisions. It was always like this. If people are surprised by that now, I can’t help them.

“We discuss the situation pretty much on a daily basis. We think about ‘could we improve something or not?’ and I make recommendations, stuff like this.

“But I cannot spend the money. That’s not how it is. I don’t make these decisions, and I never did.”

He also talked about Liverpool's first league-loss after almost four years:

“Directly after the game, I said exactly what I thought,” he added. “I said that when things don’t work out on the pitch as we want them to, then there is an issue. And the issue is that the things I tell the boys, I didn’t tell them clear enough.

“So I have to change the way I tell the boys and then we have to change the way we play!

“We didn’t get the results we wanted for a few weeks now. Parts of the game were absolutely good enough and parts were not. We have to keep going with the things that were good enough and improve the others.”



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