Conte warns the players to not get complacent

Friday22 January 2021 | 14:34
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Inter had a precious victory over Juventus but Conte is already focused on the Udinese game.

Antonio Conte

believes that


are going in the right direction after managing to defeat the rival,


last week.  Inter will be facing


at Dacia Arena on Saturday.

"You should never face anyone with superficiality in Serie A, especially Udinese. A physical team, with a clear identity who are very well structured,”

Conte said at a press conference.

“We must not underestimate them and prepare the game in the best possible way. We saw against Atalanta they can create troubles for everyone.”

We played a great game against Juventus, making few mistakes. We made the most of their weaknesses, we deserved to win, other times Juventus had played good games despite their absentees, we needed a great performance to win.

“The victory gave us the three points and made us understand we are on the right path. However, we are aware we can do even more. These games must give us the enthusiasm we need and help us work even harder.”

Conte also was asked about the gap between Inter,


, and Juventus.

There are seven games who can compete for two targets: the title and a Champions League placement,”

Conte replied.

“Udinese are our only priority at the moment, we must show the right determination.

“One year and a half ago we’ve began a new journey and we’ve improved under every aspect, we have the right attitude during games.

“The lads are doing some steps, someone is quicker, somebody else is slower, but it all depends on their development.

“Every now and then, setbacks serve to help us understand that if we want achieve something important, there is little margin of error. We must not be satisfied with the daily success, which is ephemeral.

“We must think of the lasting success instead, which can lead to something important at the end of the season.”



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