We are not 100% greedy to score, says Wijnaldum

Friday22 January 2021 | 11:30
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Liverpool's midfielder is angry that they haven't taken advantage of the clear-cut chances they had against Burnley.


are not only struggling to get results, but they can’t even score goals. It’s been 4 games so far in the Premier League that they are not scoring and it’s becoming concerning to the fans and the coaches at the club.

Jamie Carragher says that Liverpool might even miss a top 4 spot while


insists they were not greedy and clinical enough after a 1-0 defeat against


last night.

"A really tough one. Before the game, we had good intentions to play against Burnley. We wanted to play good possession football,"

the Reds midfielder told Sky Sports post-match.

"We created enough to score a goal but unfortunately we couldn't. We were not sharp enough and they got the penalty.

"We had 100 per cent chances. Now in this situation we are in we are struggling to score. It is difficult to explain. People from outside will say we don't have confidence.

"I still think we do. You shoot against the keeper and a lot of chances we get we are not 100% greedy to score a goal. We have to keep on going.

"We have to not think about a tricky moment but perform. The next game is Manchester United and we have to try and win it."



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