“It was not easy to lose that game” – Klopp on their defeat to Burnley

Friday22 January 2021 | 10:12
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The Reds coach showed his frustration with their loss after taking full responsibility for their misfortune.



Jurgen Klopp

, admitted that they won’t be having the chance to think about the Premier League title

"at the moment"



gave an end to their unbeaten run, which left them six points adrift from the table’s leaders,

Manchester United


The Reds, who will be facing Solskjaer’s men on Sunday for an

FA Cup clash

, failed to secure a win after

Ashley Barnes

scored a penalty in their target in the 83rd minute of the game.

Klopp told

BBC Sport


"Everything, all the English words, massive, massive punch in the face or whatever, it's my responsibility, that's the easy explanation. We had the ball a lot, created some and didn't finish the situations off. That keeps the game open and then they get the penalty - Alisson told me he didn't touch him, but I didn't see it back.”

"It's wrong decisions in the moment, three crosses in the box, we tried to find a player, didn't, it's my job to make sure the boys are in the right position, that they feel right.”

"It's a tough one, not easy to explain, These boys are not the kind of person after a 7-0 to think we'll go like this, they worked tonight hard and it didn't happen, if something doesn't work you have to try harder, more often, longer. It was not easy to lose that game and we did it.”

"It's not about blaming, we have to sort it together and we will. In football, you don't have a lot of time. We tried a lot, in some moments the right things and some not. That's the problem. You have to break the wall down by trying, in the right mood. We had chances.”

"We can't imagine the title race at the moment."

When asked about his argument with Burnley’s coach,

Sean Dyche

, during half-time, he responded:

"If he's not talking about it, I'm not talking about it. I didn't start it. It's nothing, all good."

source: SportMob