Dyche on arguing with Klopp during Burnley-Liverpool clash

Friday22 January 2021 | 9:53
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While the referees were checking the VAR, Dyche and Klopp seemed to be arguing on the sidelines.



Sean Dyche

, commented on his argument with Jurgen Klopp after

Ashley Barnes

gave an end to


’s unbeaten run with a sole goal for his team. While the referees were investigating VAR it seemed that the two coaches were arguing as they were heading to the dressing room.

"It was nothing out the ordinary. Just two managers fighting to win a game,"

Dyche told

Sky Sports.

"We did the basics very well. Diligence to see jobs off. Popey [Nick Pope] has still had to make good saves. I always believed in the side to find a moment. We had a few. Barnesy got the penalty and slotted it away well.”

"There is a way a game works out and you can see the patterns sometimes. You just worry a block lands to their players, it didn't feel like that game.”

“They were probing but our shape and diligence was excellent. The will of the keeper and defenders to keep a clean sheet. And the strikers too. You defend from the front.”

“We don't lack belief. We lack a bit of talent sometimes but not belief. When we get it right as a structure and a unit, doing the basics, it keeps you in a game and then you have to find a way to win it.”

"We were close to winning here last season. It doesn't mean we will win tonight. But we took on a game plan the best way we could."

Burnley are currently 16th in the

Premier League

table while Liverpool are 6 points adrift from the leaders,

Manchester United


source: SportMob