Fernandes impacts Pogba's great run - Parker

Thursday21 January 2021 | 21:05
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Fernandez's good performance has had a big impact on Pogba's uprun.


Manchester United

defender Paul Parker has claimed that Bruno Fernandes's brilliance over the past year has motivated Paul Pogba to do well.

Fernandes, who joined United in January last year, has shone during this time and has been the Red Devils' best player. Paul Pogba, meanwhile, has been on a downward run in recent seasons. However, in recent weeks he has been able to get closer to his good days, and now Parker claims that Fernandes's brilliance has motivated Pogba to perform better.

"In 2020 he was been playing in the shadow of Fernandes and that will have dented his ego,"

The former defender told Eurosport.

"Pogba was signed for a big fee; his marketability and profile - as well as his playing ability - suited Manchester United.

"But the best profile you can ever have is to be an excellent footballer, and while Fernandes came in with a much lower profile, his status has outgrown Pogba’s and for the right reasons: he’s at the top of the tree for being brilliant.

"And you can’t beat competition. In any industry, if competition comes along and you just sulk about it, then you’re not going to survive. You have to improve to get respect.

"Fernandes quickly became the key man when he arrived and it became Manchester United and Fernandes, not Pogba. It was Pogba before for the wrong reasons, now it’s Fernandes for goals and assists.

"United need that from Pogba now to challenge for the title, for him to not drop below a 7/10 in any game."


source: SportMob