Mandzukic is ready to fight for the title

Thursday21 January 2021 | 18:58
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Mandzukic talks about his ambitions in Milan.

Mario Mandzukic

, who has joined


recently, says that he wants to fight for the Serie A title alongside with other stars.

The 34 years old striker was without a club for six months after his spell at Al_Duhail but now is a part of a campaign that is fighting the title in Serie A.

"If I didn't feel ready I wouldn't come to a club like Milan. I would have stayed at home watching TV,"

Mandzukic told a press conference


"The last months I was working hard and waiting for something like this. I've never had big injuries. I prepared my body for four more years of top football.

"You can trust me, I'm good. I told [Milan manager Stefano] Pioli, 'If you need me, I will play every position on the pitch to win'.

"Everyone knows the history of Milan and the successes that this club has had. I have big ambitions now the team is doing very well, but the season is still long.

"It's true that it's a very young team but I watched Milan's last games and I was happy to see how the team is playing,

"Everyone is fighting, everyone is doing his job, everyone is running, everyone shows team spirit. We older players will be there for the younger.

"As Zlatan said, we have played many games, we have many minutes in our legs and I too think it is important to instil fear in our opponents and protect my team-mates."

source: SportMob