Derek McInnes talks about coronavirus protocols

Thursday21 January 2021 | 18:04
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Aberdeen boss talks about the clubs that ignore the protocols.


boss refuses to publicly name the clubs that ignore the protocols but insists that some clubs are doing better than others in following the rules.



“We know it is a challenge for clubs to try to provide the best they can and obviously the space is the biggest issue and there are clubs that do it better than others.

“I have expressed my concerns, not publicly and I am not going to criticise any club here.

“But I have made my concerns known to people at my own club and delegates at a couple of away grounds that we have been to, where it is inadequate, where, if we had a positive test, then we would be in real danger of wiping out the majority of the team and squad.

“It might be different now from when we visited them but there was a couple of grounds we visited where the concern was clear from the outset and you are a bit nervous about that next test.

“The majority of the clubs we have visited have been spot on and done brilliant work but there is one or two who could do it better and should be made to it better.

“It isn’t about telling tales and sticking clubs in it, this isn’t what this is about.

“We learn from other clubs when we visit and the learn from us and it is just about trying to provide the safest environment to keep the whole thing moving.

“Nobody can be perfect but all we can do is have a standard of what is acceptable in terms of the space and it should be a prerequisite.”


source: SportMob