Vermiglio is hopeful before the match against the Wolves

Thursday21 January 2021 | 15:48
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“I’m talking about a tiny, tiny chance, but while there is we’re going to give it a go." said the 38-year-old.

Jamie Vermiglio


's boss, does not rule out the "tiny chance" to beat 

Wolverhampton Wanderers

 on Friday.

He said: 

“I’m talking about a tiny, tiny chance, but while there is we’re going to give it a go. There is a genuine belief there.

“Why not? You hear about it every so often, every few years there’s something that happens in football that makes you think ‘how did they do that?’ That could be us.”

The Chorley club is using their academy players due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the club players.

The 38-year old talked about the effect of having younger players playing for the club: 

“You’re not just talking about 20 or 30 lads who play football, you’re talking about boys and girls aged four to 11 and their families and friends


“The amount of people that it seems to have touched, it’s very humbling and something I’m delighted to be a part of."

He added that the level of excitement and interest in the school is high.

he mentioned the club playing against the wolves in 1986, gaining a victory with a 3-0 result, and said: 

“I was looking at my notebook on Monday night getting ready for training on Tuesday and I was just preparing to write a few more notes and my book opened up on (last Saturday’s opponents) Farsley Celtic.

“We had formations and players, so I had (Farsley’s) Tom Allan, left side, centre-half, 6ft 4in, quite immobile, decent left foot, put pressure on him, cause some problems and then I turned the page over…

“(Wolves striker) Fabio Silva, number 17, bought for £35milion. I just started giggling. I think that highlights the gulf we are up against.”



source: SportMob