Cairo: ‘Introducing Davide is something positive'

Thursday21 January 2021 | 13:54
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Urbano Cairo talked about the new coach Davide Nicola at a press conference.



Urbano Cairo

introduced the new coach

Davide Nicola

, who played for the club in 2005-06.

Cairo first talked about Nicola’s time at the club and their relationship.

“We’ve always been in touch, even in recent years,” Cairo said. “He was a captain without the armband.

“He gathered the group and we always had a good relationship. I was pleased to see him again.”

Marco Giampaolo

only was in charge for six months and Cairo wished him good luck.

“Today is not a good day because a coach has been sacked,” Cairo added. “It’s synonymous with failure. Everyone has put their own effort into not making it work.

“There’s no public at the stadium, it penalizes us because they give us a great boost.

“At home, in fact, we haven’t won yet. I’m sorry for Giampaolo, I was tied up and I would have liked to start a new cycle.

“I wish him good luck, today we’re here with Davide.”

Torino are now only one point away from safety in Serie A and Cairo has said that believes in Nicola and hopes that he could turn things around.

“Introducing Davide is something positive,” he continued. “I have high esteem and he has shown he can do well in the dugout.

“He has great motivation and empathy with the player, and that’s a plus.”

source: SportMob