Meulensteen: ‘Aaron Wan-Bissaka was an excellent buy for United’

Thursday21 January 2021 | 13:41
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Rene Meulensteen believes United do not need another right-back.

The former

Manchester United


Rene Meulensteen

believes investing in

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

has already paid off and the Red Devils do not need another right-back like Atletico Madrid player

Kieran Trippier

who has been linked to United recently.

When he was asked about whether United need another right-back, he answered:

“Not at the moment. It’s always good to have two players for a position because you need back-up but Aaron Wan-Bissaka has done fantastically well.

“He’s young still, he’s very fit and learns every day in training. He is one of the best one-v-one defenders in the league and I’m sure the coaching staff are working hard with him on his game. He is there, for me, to stay for a long, long time. He was an excellent buy for United.”

On the other side of the field to Wan-Bissaka,

Luke Shaw

made the left-back spot his own with his impressive performances.

“He has done very well,” Meulensteen said. “When Telles came in, it spurred Luke on. There is a spring in his step, he is going forward again.

“We all know he has had some tough times at Manchester United, but it is great to see him playing at his best.”

Meulensteen also talked about the kind of support that

Jose Mourinho

was not able to provide but

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

is now providing for Shaw:

“First of all I don’t think managers should publicly discuss players, never mind criticize them.

“Every human being performs better if they get praise and support in the right way. Every player has bad spells but the coaching staff are there to help him.

“It’s easy to criticize but the managers and staff have an obligation to improve players. Ole’s style has been different to Jose’s because he would never criticize players in public and he makes every player in his squad important. Ole is very clear about what a Man United should be. That is the right way forward.”

source: SportMob