Koeman held meeting with main presidential candidates

Thu 21 January 2021 | 5:13

As part of their meeting with Carles Tusquets, the Blaugrana’s manager spoke with the final three candidates in the presidential race, Joan Laporta, Victor Font and Toni Freixa, mainly to explain why he felt Garcia’s signing to be so integral.

They discussed about


defensive priority for this window,



, who has agreed on personal terms with the club, but Barcelona need executive sign-off to make the deal happen.



was full of praise for the Dutch manager after the meeting, he said to interviewers:

“Koeman was flawless. He’s been smart, able to understand the financial situation of the club. He loves the player but, despite the fact that he loves him, is aware that he cannot pay the money for him because the club’s treasury is so affected.

“If a divestment is proposed, something could still be done, but as there is misgovernment and there is no president or board of directors, nothing can be done.”


still held out hope that the club could bring


in this January.

“The managing board wants to close the signing so that at the end of the season he comes

,” he said.

“If the operation is done, I have asked that there be a last attempt in case with a little money we can satisfy the coach’s needs.”


was also full of praise for



“It was a cordial conversation with Koeman to discuss the situation of the team.

“He didn’t ask us to sign off on the contract. That’s something that will be decided next Tuesday in a meeting with the managing board about signing him at the end of the season, which is when he would arrive for free.”

source: SportMob