“People remember Scottish Cup final winners” - Davidson

Wednesday20 January 2021 | 17:09
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Callum Davidson admitted how important cup glory is for St Johnstone ahead of his side’s Betfred Cup semi-final battle with Hibernian on Saturday.

St Johnstone


Callum Davidson

used to be Tommy Wright’s assistant in 2014 when they became the Scottish Cup champions for the first time, making sure their name is mentioned in the club’s history.

Having been assigned the managing role in the summer, Davidson has a great chance of grabbing the Betfred Cup trophy.

It is what people remember,

” said Davidson. “

People remember Scottish Cup final winners; they remember these types of things.

“Players are exactly the same. You remember top-six finishes which are great but you remember the big occasions more and these finals and semi-finals are the occasions you remember.

“Again, it is a pity the supporters are not there because that obviously makes a huge difference to what you remember.

“I am not going to overegg or overemphasize it to the players; they just know they need to win.

“Clubs like St Johnstone don’t get there that often. I want the players to go and play with confidence and an energy and enthusiasm to try to get there.”

St Johnstone,



St Mirren

, and


each have the same likelihood of winning a cup final. Livingston are set to face St Mirren on Sunday.

Davidson said: “

All four teams will be thinking there is a chance because the two biggest teams in the country are out and they have probably have dominated the cup competitions… well, Celtic have for the last four years and Rangers are at a high level.

“There is a wee bit of hope but I just hope we perform on Saturday and it gives us an opportunity later on in the season.

“When we won the Scottish Cup, it was the first time in our history, obviously a big thing.

“I left before the club got to the final in 1998 so it would be nice to get them through to the final and give the people of Perth and fans of St Johnstone around the world the chance to enjoy the occasion, as much as they can in this current time.”

Davidson chose not to get in the middle of the spat that is going on between the Perth club and Neil Lennon. St Johnstone struck back at


boss Lennon’s criticisms regarding their coronavirus restrictions.

Lennon had said: “

We go to St Johnstone, all crammed into a little dressing room;

” however, the McDiarmid Park club went on to state the comments were

“inaccurate and unfounded”.

Davidson said: “

The statement speaks for itself. It is probably something I don’t want to get involved with. We put a statement out to correct any wrongs.

“We work very hard to meet the protocols which is difficult. We try to do our best to always do that and the statement shuts the door on it.”

source: SportMob