Klopp talks about the Reds’ performance

Wednesday20 January 2021 | 17:00
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Liverpool boss is hopeful about their situation in the league.



have not won any of their last four Premier League matches, but


thinks they can win another League title, but they need to have an almost perfect performance.

"Close to perfection, but perfection depends on the situation. “

Klopp said about the possibility of winning another Premier League title


"There is no perfect season with 114 points, there is just dealing with circumstances and the situation and the amount of games. We have to be as perfect as possible and that is what we try."

And about the teams’ position in the table he added: "It changes all the time and that's because it is so close, we know that for a few weeks,"

Klopp said.

"That makes it a slightly different title race or race in general this year and we have to be ready, 100 per cent.

"I know in this business only results count but before you have a result you need performances and the last performance was really good."

He also talked about their 0-0 draw against Manchester United:

"It is not a catastrophe, it is not perfect, but that is not important," he said. "Be as good as you can be. I saw a lot of good signs in the Man Utd game and if we had won that game everyone would have seen them, but because we didn't win no one was interested. That doesn't change my view."

source: SportMob