Crespo pleased to see ‘the City of Milan great again’

Wednesday20 January 2021 | 10:56
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Former Serie A legend is ‘happy’ about the fact that Milan and Inter will have a great opportunity to put an end to Juventus’ domination and admits that he recommended Lautaro Martinez to avoid making a move to Barcelona.

Hernan Crespo

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Serie A

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I am pleased that the city of Milan, after so many years of


' domination, is back to great. And that finally the Serie A title is a concrete perspective for Inter and Milan

,” the former striker said.

Inter played a perfect game against Juventus. They didn’t just win, they dominated and Inter have still room for improvement,

" he added.

Inter are concrete, they have great players with physical and technical skills. Look at [Achraf] Hakimi, one would need a sniper to stop him! And [Romelu] Lukaku is a force of nature.

“As for Lautaro, I suggested him to snub a move to Barcelona, and I was right. Lautaro is a champion, a ruthless finisher who always makes the right movement inside the box. There aren’t many forwards like him.”

Milan, on the other hand, are leading the Serie A table, with three points to their advantage.

It wasn’t easy to win at Cagliari,

" said Crespo.


They could feel the pressure from Inter, they were playing away from home and with many absentees. They are a united team that my friend Paolo Maldini has built brilliantly. And they have Ibra who should be studied by young footballers.

“I don’t think Milan lack experience with a player like him in the locker room. And now they have [Mario] Mandzukic too. He is an added value who will help the team.

“Inter are more structured to win, but Milan are going beyond their limits, we still don’t know what they can achieve. I’d like to play a derby. A half with Milan and a half with Inter.”

source: SportMob