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The Bees show their support of Toney against social abuse

Wed 20 January 2021 | 2:23

After the 24-year-old had been objected to social media abuse, the club have put effort into finding the account holder.

With the rise of verbal abuse on the club managers and players and their families, the player supports from the team and the league has more obvious.

Ivan Toney

had been objected to social abuse directed at him with the use of racist language and words.


club have been in contact with the social media company and have asked the company to have the account banned. They have also reported this abuse to the police.

Brentford said that Ivan has the full support of the club and the club will put effort into co-working with the social media company to identify the account holders. They stated:

“Any steps that Ivan wants to take against the perpetrator will have our full support and we will work with Instagram and the police to try and identify the individual involved, taking action against them if possible.

“It is often difficult to identify the perpetrators, but we hope that with the assistance of social media platforms this will change over time.

Two of the season-ticket holders have been banned by Brentford for sharing violent and highly offensive language.



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