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Messi can be convinced to stay at Barcelona

Tue 19 January 2021 | 16:39

Lionel Messi's future is uncertain as it's not clear if he will stay in Barcelona or leave for a new journey.


had no fear to reveal his intention of leaving


during the summer transfer window. There was tension between the Argentinian star and the club as they forced him to stay at the club for another year. Messi’s contract will be expired this summer but Laporta believes that they can convince him to stay.

He told El Transistor:

“Messi can be convinced, I think he wants to stay.

“The conversation I must have with him will be the serious one, when we can offer him something firm.

“The delay to the elections does not benefit Barcelona or the renewal of Leo, who needs a president and a board of directors to renew.”

“When he stops playing football, Messi will be given the role he feels comfortable in,”

Laporta added.

“But for the time being he wants to continue playing football. And if he wants to have a football experience in America later on, it would be enriching for everyone.”



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source: SportMob