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“The players are ready to play” – Dean Smith

Tue 19 January 2021 | 14:11

The Villa boss confirmed their return following Coivd-19 outbreak on the team.

Aston Villa


Dean Smith

, revealed their return to action ahead of

Manchester City

clash after dealing with coronavirus outbreak on the team. Following the overspread of Covid-19 among Villa players and staff, the team was forced to close their training ground.

“Experience has taught us that it can hit you very quickly, but I’m very thankful that our doctor was quick to deal with it,”

Smith said.

“I’m not going to make any excuses; the players are ready to play. We are looking forward to this game and we don’t feel that we are handicapped.”

“We’ll have had a three-day build-up for the Manchester City game. The first day was almost like the kids’ first day back in the playground and they were full of energy and enthusiasm.”

“It was good to see them back on the grass again. They looked really bright, so I’m hopeful for a bright return.”

“I’m not going to make any excuses for the issues. My players are ready to play against Manchester City.”

After being defeated by


in the FA Cup competition, Villa had to postpone two of their

Premier League

games leaving them behind their other opponents.

“The players that I’ve got here have got that hunger and desire to play football games,”

Smith added.

“I’m sure the majority of them would admit that six games in 18 days is better than 12 days on the training ground.”

“We’ll be looking forward to all the games, that’s for sure.”

Later talking about

Conor Hourihane

’s loan move in the current transfer season, Smith said:

“Personally I would like Conor to stay. He’s been to see me a few times and intimated to me that he wants to go out and play games, which is one of the reasons why I love Conor so much.”

“He’s never happy when he’s not playing games and he’s intimated to me that he wants to go out and play games.”

“We’ll look at the possibility but it’s got to be right for Conor and the football club as well.”

“It would be a loan to the end of the season to get him back playing and get him back to us.”

source: SportMob