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Lauren talks about Ozil’s transfer

Tue 19 January 2021 | 12:30

Lauren thinks that Ozil’s move to Fenerbahce was a right decision.



’ former player Lauren thinks that if


was fit enough he would have played for the team and says that his transfer was a good decision.

“Sometimes you have to reach an agreement with the player and find the best thing for both – the club and player,”

ex-Gunners defender Lauren told Stadium Astro of a long-running saga coming to a close.

“I believe there is something going on that we didn’t know about.

“There are two sides – when you are a top player and you have such quality as Ozil, if you don’t play with [Unai] Emery and you don’t play with Arteta, do we have to blame the manager or the club? I don’t believe so.

“If you are a top player and are consistent week in, week out then there is no manager that is going to have you on the sideline and leave you out. That would put pressure on the manager.

“The best players at Real Madrid and Barcelona, would the manager put them on the bench week in, week out? I don’t believe so.

“When you are a top player, there is no manager that can put you on the bench, it’s impossible.

“If the manager doesn’t count on a player, the player has to find a solution.

“The best solution for him is to move away and find a place where he can be the leader. He is going to feel comfortable and at home. This is the best news for both sides.

“For Arsenal, they don’t have to pay big wages and for the player, he is moving to a place he can play week in, week out.”

source: SportMob