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Mount on Chelsea teammates and their dressing room atmosphere

Tue 19 January 2021 | 12:05

The Englishman gave an insight to the characteristics of his teammates while revealing his role model on the team.



Mason Mount

, who became one of the Blues regulars since his return from

Derby County

, talked about his teammates as he revealed the name of his role model on the team.

Mount, who has been trusted by the Blues manager, Frank Lampard, after scoring three goals and giving six assists in the previous season, spoke of

Ben Chilwell


UMM Youtube channel

as the prankster of the team, saying:

"Yes, he is up there. He recently joined. Jorginho definitely, he is always playing pranks.”

"We warm our boots up in like a microwave, like a boot microwave. And because he wears studs, obviously they are metal, so they get so hot.”

"So he will always just walk around with them in his hand and just tap it on your skin. He will get you in the back of the leg or something."

Mount later talked about

Olivier Giroud

as his role model on the team, adding:

"Obviously he has played at the top of the game for a long time and all of us younger boys have learnt a lot off him - speaking to a World Cup winner."

When asked whether the Frenchman has brought his

World Cup

winners’ medal with him to the team, mount responded:

"I think when he won it.”

"I wasn't there at the time but I think he brought it into training when he got back. “

"But his phone case has like world champions, and a little France flag and everything. He has a phone case like that, so I see it all the time."

source: SportMob