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Owen on Salah: I think he has to keep going and doing what he’s doing

Tue 19 January 2021 | 11:13

Former Liverpool star talks about Salah and his approach in the team.


had a good start to the season but the Reds hit some bumps in the rode. Liverpool are currently experiencing a goal drought, as the Reds had their third consecutive goalless run in the Premier League on Sunday against

Manchester United


Many expect the Egyptian star,

Mohamed Salah

to put an end to this situation but the 28-year-old has not been successful so far.

Now, Former Liverpool star,

Michael Owen

has talked about Salah and his approach in the team.

“There is a lot of selfishness creeping in, I’ve seen that again,”

Owen said.

“Mo Salah is not passing enough of the ball again. He’s never passed it much, but there are extremes. The last sort of few games I’m thinking ‘come on.

“I think we all know with Mo, he is always chasing that Golden Boot, he is always wanting to score.

“There are times as an unselfish striker where you’re looking at him and saying ‘why didn’t you pass that ball?’ But this is what you get from top goal scorers, from people that are going to score you 20-25 goals a season.

“They have this relentless drive where they want to take every opportunity, they want to score every chance. They want to take goals off you and you don’t want to take that relentless streak away from them because that’s what makes them.

“That’s what has made him into the winger and the goal scorer that he is. I think he has to keep going and doing what he’s doing.”

source: SportMob