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Gary Neville defends United after the match against liverpool

Mon 18 January 2021 | 21:01

Just after the Liverpool-Manchester United 0-0 match ended without any sparkles, a lot of questions were directed to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Manchester United


match was ended lacking a powerful attack from the Red Devils. Although




had the opportunity to score but passed them up.

Followed by the match,


's approach to the match was questioned and he was asked to justify the team.

Gary Neville

, Manchester United's legend, approves of Solskjaer's tactics and said that he can not recall a time they "dominated the ball" at Anfield back then when he played in Manchester United. he said:

“We were back up against it for the first hour of every single match I ever played. Even at 1-0 up with 25 minutes to go, you could never go for it.

He added that every year he had seen this struggle until the last moments of the match.

He then talked about his thoughts as the match was going on:

“So yesterday with 20 minutes to go I was thinking ‘what are you going to do Ole?’ He could maybe have put [Mason] Greenwood on 10 minutes earlier, Fernandes could have played better. They got the two biggest chances in the game and that plan worked other than the chances that were missed.”

“The only thing I would say is that if Manchester United had put [Juan] Mata on or [Donny] Van de Beek on and gone for it, what would have ended up happening is that front three of Liverpool would have won the game and United would have lost.

He mentioned the fact that even Manchester United legends could not beat Liverpool average players,

"let alone players who have won the Premier League and Champions League."

He admitted that he had always been critical of the Red Devils and he is not just defending the team:

“even though part of me during the game thought 'if they are a bit further ahead in their development, their journey and their experience they’d have gone for it'. They are not.



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