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Lampard explains Tomori’s situation

Mon 18 January 2021 | 18:02

Lampard talks about Tomori’s future with the club.



Frank Lampard

thinks that a loan move is the best option for the 23 years old defender and reportedly Milan is close to signing the player.

"I don't think there's any 'when did it start to go wrong', Fikayo's a developing player. As a squad, we had four centre-backs last year, and you can't play four in one game,"

Lampard told a press conference on Monday


"And you try to find consistency at different times. At one point Fikayo was in that, and then later on not so much. And this year we have five centre-backs, so the predicament is difficult for centre-backs who are not playing regularly.

"And that's why he may go out on loan for his development, he's a young player and he's had a huge rise in the last two or so seasons since I've been working with him, and that will continue, and we'll find the best path for that.”

Danny Drinkwater has left the Blues but this doesn’t mean that


can stay at the club.

"In terms of players, I think it is great for Danny to leave and go and play for himself to try and get some games. With Fikayo, we will see,"

Lampard said.

"I am not concerned with getting players out to bring some in at this point.

"I am trying to make sure the balance of the squad is right and if players do move on then that's beneficial for them and our squad, I see that as a positive."


source: SportMob