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Deschamps plays down the chances of Benzema’s return to France squad

Mon 18 January 2021 | 17:39

Though presidential candidate Michel Moulin had given hope of the 33-yar-old’s return to the international squad, the chances are very unlikely, believes Deschamps.


manager, Didier Deschamps, admitted that the chances of

Karim Benzema

’s return to the international squad are very little. The Frenchman, who has been involved in any of France’s games since 2015, was dropped out of the team’s line-up after he was accused of blackmailing a fellow countryman,

Mathieu Valbuena


After Benzema denied the accusations, presidential candidate,

Michel Moulin

promised to bring back the player if he won the elections. But Deschamps believes the chances of this happening are very unlikely.

He told

Le Figaro


“Frankly it’s not serious. There are those who like to make a buzz.”

“I read his (Moulin) statements in your newspaper and I will answer him, even if I know that by doing so I feed the media machine.”

“This gentleman should have applied for the post of coach. As he apparently has his diplomas, he may have a chance to replace me.”

 “I always take my decisions in my soul and conscience, for the good of the France team.”

“Look at our attacking plan. Rarely, perhaps never even, an attack has shown such effectiveness as the one which is currently playing. That is factual even if few speak about it.”

Deschamps favoring

Noel Le Graet

's win over Moulin, added:

“It would be a very good thing. I will not say for me, because it would be selfish of me, but for French football.”

source: SportMob