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Alli is interested in making a move to PSG

Mon 18 January 2021 | 15:36

The England international is keen on joining PSG on a loan deal in this month’s transfer window.



Dele Alli

has gone through a disappointing season at Spurs, courtesy of failing to make an appearance since the beginning of the campaign. Alli did not feature for his side in the clash against

Sheffield United

on Sunday, which turned out to be a 3-1 victory for

Jose Mourinho

’s side.

Fabrizio Romano believes the 24-year-old is eager to move to


, who were linked with his transfer last summer.

Mauricio Pochettino

’s meeting at the Parc des Princes is raising his move chances. When Pochettino reigned Tottenham, Alli pulled off some of his best performances in his career.

The PSG head coach is pushing for the transfer to take place and sporting director Leonardo is on the verge of getting a contract signed.

Notwithstanding his lack of an appearance this season, Mourinho will take convincing to allow a worthy asset to leave Spurs as he rejected all the speculations regarding his departure before the Sheffield United match.


In every dressing room are unhappy players,”

 Mourinho said. “

For sure. If any one of us, of my tribe, tells you that in his dressing room are only happy players, I don’t think it’s true. Or somebody is so so lucky to have a miracle in his hands.

“Then you can have [an] unhappy professional and the unhappy professional is the one that is unhappy but feels that his duty is to work, work, work and work. And there is the unhappy that believes that it’s not his job to fight and to work every minute for the squad and for the club. 

“The question is if I let Dele go without getting a player in exchange and I’m not going to answer that. 

“It’s not a question that I am comfortable to answer. Of course, I would know how to answer. But I am not ready to answer. I am not ready to make public my vision of the situation.”

source: SportMob