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Hoddle: ‘Mount is doing fantastically well’

Mon 18 January 2021 | 14:31

Frank Lampard has claimed that Mason Mount is better than he was and Glenn Hoddle confirms it.

Mason Mount

has already found a regular spot in


and it seems that he has the potential to step into the boots of

Frank Lampard


Mount scored the match-winning goal in their 1-0 win against


and helped his side to remain within eight points of table-topping Manchester United.

Former Blues player and coach

Glenn Hoddle

believes Lampard’s claim that Mount is better than he was is probably true:

“Frank is being very honest and I think he is probably spot on. Technically and his movement, I would agree with Frank.

“What Frank did, is he worked so hard at his game, and eventually when he was going into his peak at 25 or 26 that was when he was at his very best, and he was a goal machine. He scored goals like no other midfield player.

“And I think that is where Frank focused in on that and thought that is what I am going to become. I am going to focus on what I am extremely good at, and that was getting in the penalty area, and timing his runs. That is where he elevated himself and went into two or three more gears.

“I think Mason Mount is a terrific player but maybe when he is 26 or 27 I am not sure he will be anywhere near the same returns as Frank as a goalscorer.

“But he will get involved around the pitch in different aspects of the game much more than Frank. So that is a difficult one to answer. We will not know that until the future but he is doing fantastically well.”

source: SportMob