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Anton Ferdinand is frustrated about accounts posting abusive content

Mon 18 January 2021 | 14:10

"I had no escape from being racially abused, whether that was on the streets or social media." he said.

Anton Ferdinand

expressed his disappointment about the control on social media's abusive comments and accounts that post such comments.

He was the target of abusive comments on social media.

He said that Footballers must be careful about the thoughts and opinions they share, but normal or anonymous accounts are not carrying such responsibility.

he believes that such accounts must be held. He said:

“I had no escape from being racially abused, whether that was on the streets or social media. The ripple effect the abuse had on me and my family, I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience that.”

Sanjay Bhandari, executive chair of Anti-Discrimination group KIO, said:

“Online hate thrives because there is a culture of impunity – people feel free to say what they want because they are confident there will be no consequences.

“That must change. Online hate must have real-world consequences. We will only change that culture by working as a team and we will now meet on a regular basis as a working group to drive change. I welcome the commitment of football and social media to turn words of intent into meaningful action.

Richard Masters

, Premier League chief executive, said that he will support the players and managers and their families who have been objected to online abuse.

He added:

“We investigate each reported case and take legal action where appropriate. Sadly, there are too many instances of footballers and their families receiving horrific discriminatory messages and nobody should have to deal with this.”



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