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Saha: Pogba needs right system to activate his magic

Mon 18 January 2021 | 11:59

The Red Devils midfielder spent a frustrating Sunday afternoon in his team’s goalless draw against Liverpool.

Manchester United

’s club-record signing has been struggling for consistency almost since he joined the Red Devils back in 2016. The France international was transferred from


with the task of being the team’s talismanic figure in the midfield. There have been moments of brilliance in Pogba’s performances but overall the 27-year-old’s performances for the English side have been underwhelming. However,

Louis Saha

believes that Pogba can display his best form for Manchester United if he would be used in the right system alongside the right players. 

“I think they are two different players,” Saha told Stadium Astro about Pogba’s different forms in Manchester United and France.

“You always have to analyse what type of players you have around. A team that is full of confidence and playing for the 

Champions League

, it’s a different game.

“With Paul in the last few seasons he has had a team that is struggling confidence-wise, tactically. Trying to play like this, everyone is on your back asking you to score and do everything.

“Hopefully he has been helped by the introduction of Bruno [Fernandes]. This is where we will see that Paul Pogba can defend, go deep and help the team, and then bomb forward. This is what [Scott] McTominay and Fred allows.

“We need to find the players to let a magic player like him express himself. Manchester United are trying to find the balance.

“I think we have seen some big improvements. I still think that if Pogba and Bruno and the forwards that they pick start to really click, then you will see that they can do unbelievable things. The thing is consistency and I’m not sure they have found it.”

Saha added:

“It’s the same point, it depends on the players you have around you.

“When you have a [N’Golo] Kante that is going to defend, not lose one ball and give you the space to be free, then he can run forward. Kante will cover and he has more ability, for some reason, to drive the ball with France.

“The French team are in full confidence and this gives you time to do whatever you want and express yourself. In previous years, United didn’t have that – they were under pressure all the time.

“Now, there are players that are able to take the ball under pressure and this is giving time to [Anthony] Martial to do good runs.

“It’s different for Pogba in a team full of confidence rather than Pogba without those players around him.”

source: SportMob