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Bastoni planned on the assist

Sun 17 January 2021 | 23:27

Alessandro Bastoni confirms what Antonio Conte told him after that remarkable assist that helped Inter win Juve 2-0. "We’d been trying for a long time.’"

It was a powerful Derby show for 


, as Arturo Vidal’s header and Nicolò Barella running onto a beautiful 


long ball which ended the 2-0 game.

“We really wanted to win this and prepared well,”

 the defender announced.

“We were fully concentrated for all 90 minutes and didn’t run many risks at the back, so it went very well. I think you could tell from the performance that we prepared well.

“The midfielders give us a big hand with their work in front of the defence. Even when we play against less prestigious sides, there is always going to be quality and it’s tough when you are left one-on-one against anyone.

“If we stay compact between midfield and defence, it’s better for everybody. We work really well as a team.”

Surely they asked 


about that long pass for Barella, which was clocked at 61.3 meters.

“We’d been trying that for a long time and it only really worked tonight. In fact, the coach told me: ‘At last, you did it!’” 

he smiled.



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source: SportMob