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Inzaghi can’t believe their result against Cortone

Sun 17 January 2021 | 18:04

Pippo Inzaghi talks about Benevento performance against Cortone.



Pippo Inzaghi

is shocked with their 4-1 defeat in a game that they had more opportunities than their opponent.

“It’s a difficult game to comment on, but when you have 17 shots to three and concede four goals… It’s not the first time, as it already happened with Sassuolo and Milan too,”

Inzaghi told Sky Sport Italia


“We need to get it through our heads that we can’t keep doing this. We waste too many scoring opportunities and we will be made to pay for it in Serie A.

“I don’t tend to talk to the players straight after the game, but when I look at the statistics and see 17 shots on goal to three, yet we lost 4-1, it drives me nuts.

“It’s hard to describe a match that went this way, because the result doesn’t reflect the overall performance, but it’s the result that counts. We were clear on goal five times in the first half, but Crotone went into our half twice and it was 2-0 at the break.

“If anyone here had got too big for their boots, I hope this can bring them crashing back to earth. I didn’t need to give a team talk afterwards, they know I am angry,

“Maybe we can find our balance now, because at the start everyone assumed we’d be relegated, then they were talking about us going into Europe. We have to ignore all the chatter around us and focus on taking it one game at a time.

“If we don’t stay concentrated and watch out for trouble, we could slide back into the danger zone within a couple of rounds.”

source: SportMob