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Michail Antonio hopes to score more goals following Burnley win

Sun 17 January 2021 | 13:59

The Hammer player has returned to the pitch after two months on the sidelines.

West Ham


Michail Antonio

, who scored a goal in his recent appearance against


, hopes he continues to impress with his goal-scoring skills. The 30-year-old, who returned to Hammers side after two months of absence, was not featured in Moyes’ squad since his October hamstring injury.

“It was a very good day,”

Antonio said.

“One thing we worked on in the week was our crossing and the positions we needed to be in and it worked a treat.”

“It’s another win, but I felt going forward we could have taken more of our opportunities.”

“Defensively, we were unbelievably solid, so moving forward I got a goal, hopefully I can keep scoring and do better and get more goals in the games, not just for me but for all the attacking players.”

Antonio commented on his odd celebration following his goal admitting that it was the result of him losing a bet to his teammate, 

Declan Rice


“With the celebration, basically we were playing Call of Duty and the loser had to do a forfeit and that was my forfeit,”

he added.

“I must have done it well, because everyone knows what I was doing, so my acting skills must be quality and maybe I’ve got a job after football.”

Burnley manager,

Sean Dyche

, also talked about their clash with Hammers, saying:

“You can work on the training ground, but often strikers will tell you, sometimes they find a goal, sometimes a lucky one, however it comes, and it just clicks again.”

“We want to speed that process up obviously, the idea of coaching is to try and speed that situation up.”

“We know the four players can operate, we think there’s a nice mix of how we can operate with two strikers, but none of them are quite there at the moment.”



source: SportMob