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Ferdinand backs Manchester United ahead of Liverpool clash

Sun 17 January 2021 | 13:23

The Red Devils legend urged Solskjaer’s men to put their whole effort into their upcoming Premier League clash.


Manchester United


Rio Ferdinand

, hopes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men will do whatever it takes to win their upcoming encounter with


. The Red Devils, who currently sit at the top of the Premier League table with three-points ahead of Liverpool, will travel to Anfield on Sunday.

Manchester United hope to give an end to the Reds winning streak by delivering their first home-defeat since May 2017.

“There are big games, there are games that mean a bit more than the other and then there’s the Liverpool game - especially when both teams are near the top of the table,"

Ferdinand wrote on


"Obviously with no fans in the stadium it’s not going to be quite the same but trust me the importance of this game and it’s history will not be lost on these current players.”

“Even just the thought of losing this game used to make you feel sick. This Manchester United team have the opportunity to really hurt this Liverpool team’s confidence by going six points clear of them with a win.”

"You couldn’t ask for more of an incentive right now. Liverpool haven’t lost at home for nearly four years also - another incentive right there!”

“Fergie used to always say to us at Anfield 'this ain’t like the old Liverpool teams that used to play here' and just that little mention of the lacking some quality would put a spring in your step.

"Ole (or someone in that changing room) must be shouting that this is a weakened team compared to the last couple of seasons, first choice centre backs out - 'GET AT EM FROM THE FIRST WHISTLE'.”

“Simple yes but sometimes highlighting the obvious can trigger something. These games aren’t about over complicating things a lot of the time. Control your emotions, meet the challenge physically and mentally head on, play quick and aggressive and punish any mistakes. The rest takes care of itself!”

“Liverpool are vulnerable, United need to smell blood and go for the kill - these are the moments you dream of as a United player. Let’s hope the United players do it!”

source: SportMob