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Giampaolo: ‘Torino not taking the initiative’

Sat 16 January 2021 | 22:16

Torino boss Marco Giampaolo admits he must change his approach to fit the Torino squad because they are not able to take control of the ball as they do not have many passers.

Luca Vignali

could not escape a straight red card after his awful tackle just the eighth minute of the match. It was impossible to tell Toro had an extra man, as


continued to have the better chances. Toro only really made a dent in stoppages for a goalless draw.

“Our characteristics are not those of taking the initiative. That’s not what we can do. We have to work on what the opponents do,”


told Sky Sport Italia


“Today we weren’t sharp enough, didn’t make the right choices, then in the final 15 minutes we didn’t even have a bit of luck. We weren’t clear-headed in the situation.”

The Granata still remain in the relegation zone and are without a Serie A home victory in six months.

Can the transfer window solve the



“This team is very good at denying the opposition, not taking the initiative or passing the ball. We don’t have many passers in this squad, inevitably we will struggle when trying to move the ball around and creating scoring opportunities. That is not our style, due to the characteristics of the vast majority of the squad.

source: SportMob