Kilmarnock and St Mirren's release statements to thank the supporters

Sat 16 January 2021 | 13:13

The two clubs released statements to thank supporters and declare the decrease in the clubs' fine.

Due to the detection of disregarding Health Protocols in both



St Mirren





 gained 3 points for each match they were going to have against the two teams. The clubs have been compelled to pay a fine.

Subsequently, Motherwell will be given 6 points since it had two games in hand with each of the sides and Hamilton will gain 3 points.

The three matches will be rescheduled and the £40,000 fine was reduced to £20,000.

Kilmarnock stated:

“Kilmarnock Football Club is pleased to confirm that our case to the Scottish FA Appeal tribunal has been largely successful.

“The forfeiture of our Scottish Premiership match against Motherwell has been quashed and the match will be played at a date yet to be scheduled.

“The club is required to pay a £10,000 fine to the SPFL with a further £10,000 suspended until June 30, 2021.”

St Mirren also released a statement, appreciated the supports that had been offered and said:

“St Mirren Football Club is delighted at the decision of the Judicial Panel at the Appeal Hearing.

“The decision of the Appeal hearing that the matches be rearranged is a victory for common sense and the reduction of the fine from £40,000 suspended to £20,000 with £10,000 suspended is acknowledged by the club.

“We hope that as we progress through this difficult time, no other club faces the trials and tribulations that St Mirren and Kilmarnock FC have gone through and instead a common sense and supportive approach is taken by governing bodies to support members in unprecedented times.”

A spokesperson of SPFL said:

“We note the decisions of the Scottish FA Appellate Tribunal in relation to the sanctions imposed on Kilmarnock FC and St Mirren FC by an independent SPFL Tribunal.

“We will reschedule the three matches as soon as reasonably practicable, in line with the decisions."



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source: SportMob