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Wilder says that there is no pressure on his team

Sat 16 January 2021 | 13:12

Sheffield United boss says that there is no pressure on his side.

Sheffield United

had the worst start in the Premier Leagues history but their boss

Chris Wilder

thinks that there is no pressure on them because of their bad start.

“I think the pressure has been off us for the last season and a half because, and rightly so, we were written off as soon as we stepped into the division, for obvious reasons,”

said Wilder


who guided the Blades to a ninth-placed finish on the club’s return to the Premier League last season


“That doesn’t change for me but the outside perception, of course, changes because of what you achieve. But nothing really changes for me – we are underdogs in an extremely competitive division.

“I’ve said basically right the way along that we have nothing to lose anyway. It’s possibly changed a little bit from last year but most people would expect us to be battling it out where we currently are, although we are battling it out in a position where we didn’t expect to be in terms of points total.

“But that is something that we need to affect, whether it’s nothing to lose or everything to lose we need to have the balls to go out there and produce performances when the pressure is on. That’s what this division is all about and we have to keep doing it.”

They picked their first victory of the season against Newcastle after 15 defeats in 17 games.

source: SportMob