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Dele Alli is unhappy at Tottenham

Sat 16 January 2021 | 12:43

Mourinho says that Alli is unhappy but it’s normal.

Dele Alli

has not been a regular starter for



and Mourinho has hinted that he is unhappy but insists that it is normal to have unhappy players in the dressing room.

"In every dressing room are unhappy players,”

Mourinho said.

“For sure. If any one of us, of my tribe, tells you that in his dressing room are only happy players, I don’t think it’s true. Or somebody is so so lucky to have a miracle in his hands.

“Then you can have [an] unhappy professional and the unhappy professional is the one that is unhappy but feels that his duty is to work, work, work and work. And there is the unhappy that believes that it’s not his job to fight and to work every minute for the squad and for the club.”

Dele Alli has been used in Tottenham’s cup matches but he doesn’t have many appearances in the Premier League and this has made everyone ask questions about his future in the team but Mourinho refused to answer this question.

“The question is if I let Dele go without getting a player in exchange and I’m not going to answer that.”

Tottenham boss Added


“It’s not a question that I am comfortable to answer. Of course, I would know how to answer. But I am not ready to answer. I am not ready to make public my vision of the situation.”

source: SportMob