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Gareth Southgate on England’s Euro 2020 preparations

Sat 16 January 2021 | 12:18

The England boss admitted that the preparations for the European Championship have been a great challenge for his men.



Gareth Southgate

, admitted to facing challenges in their preparations for

Euro 2020

. With the recent lockdown in the country and the overspread of coronavirus, it has been difficult for the international squad to deal with the problems caused by Covid-19.

“It’s a challenge because all of our staff are a little bit disconnected. You’re not interacting in the same way and you can’t check in on people in the same way,”

Southgate said.

“We have to prepare for a European Championship in a few months time so it’s an incredible challenge for our staff logistically, our security people, our operations people and we really don’t know what the tournament in the end will look like.”

“At the moment UEFA are saying it will still be played across 12 cities, but we have to prepare for a number of different scenarios.”

“Trying to book hotels and knowing where you will be based are a lot more complicated than they would normally be.”

Southgate, who recently celebrated his fourth year as England’s coach, added: “When you’re a young manager especially and you have to learn so quickly, you really value the support of the older managers who have been through it.”

“Sir Alex and Kenny have always been there for younger managers. When you have got senior figures who are so helpful and generous with their time, it is a massive help for everybody.”

The former defender also talked about his lack of experience before taking charge of the Three Lions, saying:

“When I think back to when Sir Alex took over at United and the time it took (to win the first title), of course he had that record at Aberdeen where everyone knew he had been successful and a body of work.”

“Jurgen arrives at Liverpool and everybody knows what he has done at Borussia Dortmund so there is a belief in what he is doing.”

“When I took over with England, that was a different situation. Nobody looked at my CV at Middlesbrough and thought much about it.”

“Of course with the national team nobody is really bothered about it for nine to 10 months of the year and then everybody tunes in and say ‘let’s play well and win’ so that is the landscape of the national team.”

“We have less time to work, but what a brilliant challenge and it is an honour to do it. You are working with fantastic players which is always a privilege because you have a chance.”

“If you have good players, you have a chance and we have some very good players and possibly some even better young players coming through which is great for England.”

source: SportMob