Parker:‘My gripe was not the fact that I only had two days to prepare’

Saturday16 January 2021 | 12:09
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Scott Parker gave some information that the club had previously withheld from public knowledge about their game against Tottenham.


’s game against


was postponed as Fulham had nine cases of COVID-19 during the outbreak at the club.


Premier League

stated on Monday that the game would be played on Wednesday and in Fulham manager

Scott Parker

’s opinion it was a “scandalous” decision.

They were able to draw 1-1 against Tottenham and then Parker wanted to give some information that the club had previously withheld from public knowledge in order to set the record straight.

“If I can explain exactly my argument because I have seen some comments regarding my gripe the other day,” Parker said.

“My gripe was not the fact that I only had two days to prepare the team. That’s not my gripe. My gripe was that, at this moment in time, 16 days ago, give or take, that the Tottenham fixture was meant to be played, we had on the morning of the game, six Covid positive tests. Six.

“At that moment I was ready to play the game, I wanted to play the game. But understand from one round of testing, we have six players. At that moment we needed to be very open and understand that we’re leaving our training facility with a group of players who may all be infected, because the day before, we trained.”

Parker then explained the testing protocol which includes a 24-hour wait for the results and that the club informed the Premier League immediately.

“We travel to a hotel, the game gets called off, we get told to come back to the training facility to test again,” he added.

“Rightly so. Let’s test everyone in our bubble. Let’s see, hopefully not, that this deadly virus that we’re all petrified of has not spread.

“The following day we have another three positive tests. Three positive tests for players who were going to play in the Tottenham game. So our decision was right.

“I think it’s clear to say we’ve got an outbreak now. The facility gets shut for the weekend because we need to clear things up.”

Parker, whose club won against QPR last Saturday, said:

“I’ve played a team against QPR thinking my next fixture is Friday, so the balance of that… It (the rearranged match) gets put on your lap Monday morning at 9.30 am.

“I see this situation and think we have valid, valid reasons that this was very unfair. Very unfair. What I asked of my players yesterday… what they did was nothing short of remarkable, to be honest with you.”

source: SportMob