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Liverpool and Manchester United meeting on sunday

Sat 16 January 2021 | 0:16

Jurgen Klopp and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer waiting eagerly for the match.

Two Premier League leaders,



Manchester United

, will be going to meet on Sunday. 

This match will be a great confidence boost for the winner of the match.

Jurgen Klopp


“I have been five years in England and United was never an underdog.

“[They are] always a good team, always great players, always really good managers and coaches. It was always there and now they are top of the table. That is how it is.

“They cannot be underdogs, but we play at home and we don’t see ourselves as an outsider or whatever just because they are ahead of us. We have to be dominant in the games.

“Usually they change the system against us. They played 10 times with four at the back and against RB Leipzig they played with five at the back, so maybe they will change that.

“Those are things we have to think about - not who is the outsider. It is Liverpool vs United and that in itself is a massive game.

“Wherever I would be in the world I would watch it definitely. This is the game!”

Liverpool has been defeated in the last match, and drew 2 matches and won two matches out of the last 5 matches.

“We are now in a place where we want to be,”

Klopp said.

“We know what we have to do. We know what went wrong. We want to change. Now, we have to put in place on the pitch. That is the situation."

Klopp also added:

“These boys did not go for an excuse in one second that I was here. Not for one second. But that does not mean things cannot go wrong.

“Still, we have scored the most goals in the league, which is absolutely crazy. It’s not that it disappeared somewhere. It’s just not that it has been exactly as it should be.

source: SportMob