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Fonseca believes Roma gifted goals to Lazio

Sat 16 January 2021 | 0:10

Roma manager Paulo Fonseca believes his side lost Derby Della Capitale at the early stage of the game due to their own mistakes as they gifted two goals to Lazio.


admits ‘it is difficult to recover if you gift them two goals.’

Roger Ibanez

lost ball possession twice in the opening 23 minutes which resulted in



Luis Alberto

’s goals.

“I think in the opening minutes, we had the right approach, but against a side like Lazio, it’s difficult to recover if you gift them two goals,”

Fonseca told Sky Sport Italia after a 3-0 defea


“Lazio were comfortable after that and we never had the capability to break through their defensive line. They closed up well and it was tough to get back into it.”

Lazzari dominated against Ibanez down the flank, also successfully neutralized Leonardo Spinazzola, who did not support Ibanez while tracking back.

“We are talking about this because the two goals happened with Ibanez, but the situations weren’t dangerous. They should’ve been in control.

“It’s true Lazzari had a very good game, we didn’t have the solution for those moments. I think the whole game can be summed up by the fact we conceded two goals in the first half that we should not be conceding.

“Ibanez shouldn’t have needed help on the first goal, nor really in the second. There shouldn’t have to be back-up in those situations.”

source: SportMob