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Barnes asks Manchester United not to overlook other stars skills

Fri 15 January 2021 | 20:30

the 57-year-old believes that although Fernanes is a fantastic player, focusing on his abilities is ignoring other players skills.

Being asked whether

Bruno Fernandes

' signing was a signing like

Virgil Van Dijk



's defender,

John Barnes

answers that

Manchester United

has been so focused on the midfielder and this might be not beneficial for the Club as they might overlook other stars.

He said:

"Fernandes has come and he has dominated the game – Virgil doesn't dominate the game, doesn't dominate the midfield players or the front three, he doesn't want the ball all the time.

"He's not the focal point of the way we play, he calms them down psychologically but he isn't: 'Give me the ball, I'm going to do everything'.

"That's not what Virgil does, he gives enough sense of security, whereas that is what Fernandes does.

"All the attacking impetus of the team - the ball has to go through him all the time. It takes away from the other players - maybe other players feel: 'Every time we get the ball, we have to look for Fernandes'.

"Then what's going to happen to Pogba, [Anthony] Martial, [Marcus] Rashford and all these other players who also want to be the main player.

"The way Manchester United physically play is really dictated to by Fernandes."

He then compared him with Coutinho and said that if he would return to Liverpool, the further wins of Liverpool were said to be because of his play and the other player's efforts were overpassed.

Liverpool is going to face Manchester United today.



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